Alice Kanzaki is the protagonist of «Alice's Spiritual Judge» and the playable character.


Alice is a young girl. She has long blonde hair and red eyes. She wears standard school uniform and blue hair band.


Alice is kind and honest. She seems to be serious about White Rabbit's case.

She is ingenious. She notices small details and then uses it like evidence. She is also logic thinking person. Alice has strong sense of justice.

Unlike her older sister, Alice isn't very good in sports and studies. She doesn't like her parents and older sister because they don't notice her.

Alice likes reading and books with illustrations and conversations, also she love her cat Diana.


Alice is 2nd Grade, Class 2. She is a library assistant.


Alice is the main and the one playable character.

Alice slept in the classroom. When she awoke, she saw a strange girl, March Hare. After that she discovered that her friend, White Rabbit, was killed. And now Alice must to solve that case and find the real reason of girl's death.

As a playable character, she can take items, speak to characters, make a choice. But she has mental strength.


White RabbitEdit

White Rabbit and Alice were the best friends. They know each other from childhood. But at school Alice started to spend time with Cheshire Cat and forgot about Harumi.

Cheshire CatEdit

Alice and Cheshire Cat are friends, too. But Alice thinks that Chiaki doesn't believes her and hides some secrets.

Queen of HeartsEdit

Queen of Hearts isn't very kind with Alice. After some time she tells her her secret about relationships with Mr Caterpillar and White Rabbit's words.

Mr CaterpillarEdit

Mr Caterpillar understands Alice and kind with her. He tells her only the truth and his own opinion.

The HatterEdit

The Hatter teases Alice, she also finds him ridiculous. But they don't hate each other and Kenji shows that he understands her.


Alice trusts Dormouse and doesn't think that he is a bad person.

Tweedledum and TweedledeeEdit

Alice doesn't like twins very much but she thinks that they can be useful.

March HareEdit

March Hare sometimes appears and speaks with Alice. She doesn't know who is she and what she wants from Alice.

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