Cheshire Cat is the character of «Alice's Spiritual Judge».


Cheshire Cat is a young girl with short dark curly hair. Her eyes are yellow. The lower part of her face is hidden under a mask.

She wears standard school uniform and the mask. The cat face with red X is drawn on it. She also wears a collar with bell.


Cheshire Cat is a calm and kind person. She said to Alice that she can't speak but it is not true. However, she uses her notebook if she wants to tell something.

She want to prove Alice's evidence. She also believes that Queen of Hearts bullied White Rabbit.


Cheshire Cat is a library assistant. She is 2nd Grade, Class 1.


Cheshire Cat is Alice's friend. She met Alice in library, after that she agreed to solve White Rabbit's case. When Alice is about to be executed, Chiaki offers her her help as a defender lawyer. Player can accept her help or not.


Alice KanzakiEdit

Chiaki and Alice are friends and colleagues.

Tweedledum and TweedledeeEdit

Chiaki doesn't seem to like twins. They are just classmates and don't each other so well.

The HatterEdit

Chiaki becomes angry when she sees The Hatter. It seems that she doesn't like him at all.


Cheshire Cat (2)

Cheshire Cat without mask.

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