Dormouse is the character of «Alice's Spiritual Judge».


Dormouse is a boy with brown hair and green eyes. He also has bags under the eyes.

He wears standard school uniform.


Dormouse is honest and kind person. He is forgetful and calm. Every detail he can remember he tells to Alice.

At the court he is a witness. He tells to Red King only the truth and what he may know.

He always sorries for his forgetfulness and his useless. It seems that he has low self-esteem.


Dormouse is in 2nd Grade, Class 2.


Dormouse plays a role of witness. But Alice can prove her innocence and he will help her with it. Alice can discover from him a little bit of information.


Alice KanzakiEdit

Alice seems to trust Dormouse and she doesn't thinks that he is useless. He really wants to help her with the case.

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