Mr Caterpillar is the character of «Alice's Spiritual Judge».


Mr Caterpillar is a man with dark hair. His face is hidden under a gas mask. He wears a classic costume with red tie.


Mr Caterpillar is kind. He speaks very polite and never showed furious or expressive emotions. She thinks that White Rabbit's case is troublesome.


Mr Caterpillar is a teacher of Alice's class.


Mr Caterpillar appears rarely. Alice can discover from him some information about White Rabbit and Queen of Hearts. He doesn't play any role in judge but he is busy about student's death.


Alice KanzakiEdit

Mr Caterpillar is honest with Alice. Also he shows his kindness and understanding.

Queen of HeartsEdit

As Queen of Hearts said, she and Mr Ishimoto have some private relationships.

White RabbitEdit

Mr Caterpillar describes White Rabbit as a good person. He liked her responsibility and hard work.

Tweedledum and TweedledeeEdit

Mr Ishimoto finds twins unresponsible. But he punishes them with good dinner. His methods seem to be not practical.

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