Queen of Hearts is the character of «Alice' Spiritual Judge».


Queen of Hearts has brown curly hair and red eyes. There is a mole under her left eye. She wears red dress with high white collar and the gold crown on head.


Queen of Hearts seems to be arrogant and rude. But she is kind.

She can be described as a secretive person. Sometimes she tells a truth, sometimes she tells a lie. But she lies only when she want to hide her secret or she finds the question as personal. She becomes furious if discovers that somebody had touched her things as cell phone.

Maki may be characterised as an independent lady. She don't want to obey somebody but she obeyed White Rabbit. She is not a person who likes to bully. Everybody thinks that she bullied White Rabbit because she hated her. In fact, Queen of Hearts didn't hate White Rabbit.

Maki is good in sports and studies.


Maki Aakai is 2nd Grade, Class 1.



Maki's grandfather and father died. Her mother and she were blamed by grandmother. When Maki became a first grader, seniors started to bully her. Teachers didn't want to speak with her about that problem.

Once she said to Mr Caterpillar that she was sorry for him because he was working late for that kind of unpleasant role. But they talked and Maki thought that it was the first time when she felt close to an adult. After that she and Mr Caterpillar became some kind of lovers.[1]

Game PlotEdit

White Rabbit stole Maki's phone and transferred some data which Maki hid. After that she wrote to Maki an message[2]:

«Sorry to force all of these to you. Come to Audio Visual Room of East Schoolhouse at 18:00 today. I will delete all of them there.»

When Queen of Hearts came into AVR, she saw White Rabbit's dead body. She first informed adults about student's death and after that she became the main suspect and Defendant. Alice (you) must to find the evidence that Queen of Hearts is innocence.


Alice KanzakiEdit

Queen of Hearts and Alice have some strange relationships. But Maki is honest with her and can tell her her secret.

Mr CaterpillarEdit

Queen of Hearts and Mr Caterpillar, as she said, have some connections in private. They understand each other and have good relationships.

The HatterEdit

Queen of Hearts seems to dislike The Hatter. She calls him bald and speaks with him rude.

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