The Hatter is the character of «Alice's Spiritual Judge».


The Hatter is a man in the green hat with yellow line on it. His eyes are hidden by forelock. Also he has short brown hair.

He wears the green costume with red bowtie.


The Hatter is very expressive. He always smiling and never shows negative emotions.

He teases others but he is not a bad person. He seems to understand Alice's feelings about White Rabbit's death and doesn't want to make the situation worse. Also he is gentle. As he said, he thinks that discussing ladies breast is ridiculous.

Unlike Alice, The Hatter has some strange kind of logic. He thinks that people should celebrate the «not birthday».

He prosecute without any evidence but every time he asks evidences from Alice.


It seems that The Hatter is neither a teacher nor a student. He may be real prosecutor.


Alice met The Hatter at the court. He is prosecutor who prosecute Queen of Hearts. Alice must to find the evidence that Maki didn't kill White Rabbit.

The Hatter also appears near Audio Visual Room and can say some information but before Alice must to prove that her birthday isn't in May.


Alice KanzakiEdit

The Hatter is honest and open with Alice. He teases her at the court and asks for evidences. But he also seems to be kind and polite with her.

Queen of HeartsEdit

Queen of Hearts insult The Hatter. Of course, he isn't happy of being insulting.

Cheshire CatEdit

Cheshire Cat seems to dislike Kenji but he doesn't know the reason.


The Hatter (2)

The Hatter shows his respect.

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