Tweedledee is the character of «Alice's Spiritual Judge».


Tweedledee is a young boy with brown and dark eyes. He wears standard school uniform with red tie and hat. «Dee» is written on collar of shirt. Also here is eyepatch on his left eye.


Tweedledee seems to be more calm than his brother. But he likes jokes and pranks, too. He said that twins are gentlemen but Alice thinks that they are rude. As his brother, he thinks that curiosity kills the cat.

Like his brother, he doesn't like to do homework.


Tweedledee is in 2nd Grade, Class 1. He belongs to Prank Club.


Twins gave White Rabbit the spare key. They couldn't know that she will commit suicide.

In Chapter 3 Alice Kanzaki met them when they wanted to return her her pocketbook. After it she met them in Chapter 5 when she and Cheshire Cat wanted to know how The Prank Club connects with White Rabbit's suicide. From twins Alice can discover some interesting things which can play an important role at the court.



Tweedledee and Tweedledum are twin brothers. They can finish each other's phrases. They seem to be very close to each other but sometimes they want to start a fight.

Alice KanzakiEdit

Tweedledee want Alice to trust them. He also called himself and his brother gentlemen but Alice didn't think that they are polite at all.

Mr CaterpillarEdit

Mr Caterpillar doesn't like twins' unresponsibility so he can punish them. But his methods of punishment aren't good enough to make twins more responsible.

Cheshire CatEdit

Cheshire Cat and twins are classmates. They think that Chiaki lies to Alice because she pretends to be silent.

Queen of HeartsEdit

Tweedledee doesn't know Maki very well. But he and his brother know about bulling and the situation happened in the beginning of May, when White Rabbit stole Maki's cell phone.



Tweedledee and his brother, Tweedledum.

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