White Rabbit is the character of «Alice's Spiritual Judge».


Harumi has black hair and dark eyes. She wears standard school uniform, gloves and rabbit mask. She is described as thin and sometimes wearing dirty clothes.


White Rabbit is calm person. Also she can be described as jealous girl.

Mr Caterpillar said that White Rabbit was hardworker and responsible. She wasn't good at sports and study but she was, as he said, a good student of teacher's point of view.

It seems that White Rabbit has germaphobia. But she said that she wears gloves because her mother thinks that Harumi is dirty.


White Rabbit is in 2nd Grade, Class 3. She didn't belong to any club, after school she walks home.


White Rabbit was killed. But in the last chapter it discovers that she committed suicide. Queen of Hearts found her dead body and said it to teacher.

In game White Rabbit also appears as March Hare who can be described as a ghost. It came out that Harumi killed herself because Alice didn't spend with her enough time.


Alice KanzakiEdit

Alice and White Rabbit were best friends since childhood. But in school Alice started friendship with Cheshire Cat and forgot about Harumi. It is the reason why White Rabbit committed suicide.

Cheshire CatEdit

It seems that White Rabbit didn't like Chiaki but their relationships are unknown.

Queen of HeartsEdit

Queen of Hearts obeyed White Rabbit. But in one day Harumi asked Maki to bully her in front of class. Actually, Queen didn't want to bully Harumi at all.

Mr CaterpillarEdit

Mr Caterpillar doesn't know much information about White Rabbit. But he thinks that she was a good student and it's unpleasant to hear about her death.

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